Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to help our community develop positive habits to bond mind+body in order to ignite positive change that will last a lifetime

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  • Mental Health Awareness

    The mental health pandemic is a growing issue in todays society, largely due to ones comparison of what they see on social media.

    Our greatest goal is to get people back outside and active, creating real relationships with like-minded individuals, in person. We stress the importance of the correlation between mental health and physical well-being. If you are not right in the mind, it is impossible to be your best anywhere else in life.

  • Fully Equipped Mobile Gym + Elite Personal Training

    Not only are you receiving the highest quality personal training backed by science and experience, we also bring a fully equipped gym with high quality and diverse equipment to your door.

    No matter what area of growth (strength, athleticism, mobility) you are looking for we are able to provide these services in your own backyard. Whether its your home, school, or place of business we meet you where you're at mentally and physically.

  • Train Like An Athlete

    Through experience, we know that it is normal to place limitations both on ones mind and body. We are here to help individuals not only surpass these limitations, but transcend to their higher purpose on this earth.

    We will push your mind+body past where you think it can go to unlock and elevate to your best-self. We not only want you to become mentally and physically fit, we want you to radiate well-being in all aspects of life. Our goal is to teach you the way so that eventually you will be able to train like an athlete, on your own and be who you were always meant to be.

Benefits Of Outdoor Training

Mental Health Boost

Being in nature has been linked to lowering the risk of depression and anxiety as well as improving your sense of awareness. Some of the things you may notice when spending more time in nature is the heightened self-awareness, concentration, and energy one feels. Another great benefit to training outdoors is that you will sleep better due to your body being able to regulate its sleep/wake cycle with the sun.

Enhanced Vitamin D

It is commonly known how important vitamin D is to human health and that in order to naturally increase this nutrient in the body, one needs direct sunlight. Vitamin D not only regulates blood pressure and heart health, but also has been shown to be a necessary part of healthy brain function. Sufficient levels of Vitamin D have also been linked to healthy bone density and growth in babies and children as well as preventing bone loss in adults.

Heightened Self-Esteem

Being outdoors and exercising can help one feel more connected with nature as well as themselves. Humans evolved outdoors, it is where our roots are. Exercising outside helps give an appreciation for both our beautiful earth, bodies, and the connectedness between the two. We have become so used to being indoors most of our days, attached to screens. We as a team truly believe this is why our populations mental health has taken such a negative turn, and our goal is to combat this pandemic to get people back outside feeling happy, healthy, and fulfilled again!

Greater Return Per Workout

Exercising outdoors is simply just more fun. This means that an individual is more likely to stick with an exercise routine compared to an indoor gym. Exercising in nature can create a greater expenditure on both the mind and body, which in return means you are burning more calories. Being in nature can make a tough workout feel easier. In return you are more likely to push harder during exercise, thus getting a greater return per workout. Lastly, the great outdoors makes exercise feel like more of a social outing than a workout and creates healthy bonds between families, teams, and businesses.

Connect With Nature

Spending time in nature has endless benefits on our mental, physical, and emotional health. Many humans experience sensory overload on a daily basis. From sitting in the office all day, on the computer, on the phones, scrolling aimlessly through social media... our minds need a break. Working out in nature allows our minds and bodies to reset so that we can be the best versions of ourselves. Focusing better, thinking more clearly, and taking larger action in our jobs, our homes, and in all aspects of our lives. Humans evolved living outdoors... and they never dealt with mental health issues like we do today... its time to go back to our roots, its time to get back to the great outdoors.